Funda lula

is a project run by South African occupational therapists to provide a place to inspire and offering support to teachers facing pupils with learning difficulties. The project is especially focusing on early childhood development of large muscle, fine motor, language and social skills as well as visual perception.

Me myself and my five friends whom I meet regularly here at the watering hole will try our best to help you with your daily challenges.  Whenever we meet, we like to discuss e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n.  We talk about the challenges, the thrills and the mundane. We would like you to join us and help us to inspire greatness in our educators.

I’m Heleen, an OT who is passionate about children in general, especially about the way they learn.  My friends are the playful five:



Zandile – a Lady who talks so much you would think she is a host of a radio show.




Gerry has friends in high places (where else) and is forever boring us with his comment: “From where I stand I see the bigger picture, therefore….”



Christo is well adapted to his environment and has strong opinions about behavior.  He gets emotional at times when we keep our distance, but given his passion for tasting us we cannot be blamed.



Robby is the short-sighted friend. After all the OT he has already received he is a boffin with things like Figure Ground Perception, but cannot stand works sheets.




Lindelwa trained for the Olympics  and comments regularly that having a good balance has improved her own motor skills.  She often roars: “have you checked the posture?” when we mention a learner with challenges.





4 thoughts on “Funda lula

  1. I am happy to read about your news helping children, i want to be one of your friends as i am also working with children with learning barriers.

  2. So your using the animal avatars to explain learning difficulties!?
    That’s fantastic, looking forward to receive more information especially on fine motor skills if possible. Cheers!

    • Indeed! Make sure you follow Gerry the Giraffe for more information on Fine motor skills and sensory problems

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